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By now you must be asking yourself, "how did Peleg (me) know all this? How did he just know what methods are available in an XMLHttpRequest object?"

I mean, if I had all this stuff I learned about JS (and other languages) in my head 24/7, I would probably not have enough room to remember my name (this must be scientifically wrong, but you get my point). So to put you at ease, stuff I use all the time, I tend to remember (eventually), and other things in JS that I use less often, I just google. On top of that, things change so rapidly in this industry that it would be foolish to try and remember everything. You're much better off learning how to learn than learning the browser's current API.

Now, is this stuff still hard for you to understand? Well it was complete mumbo jumbo to me at one point too. What don't you understand? Can you form an intelligible question that another human with more knowledge on the subject could understand? If so, Cmd + T your browser (open a new tab) and google your question. I guarantee you that many someone elses have had the same question as you before. And programmers tend to be nice people that love to talk about that stuff. So just ask. Worst that could happen is someone will make you feel dumb. And then fuck 'em. But honestly though, most of us are pretty dumb, and that's why we get computers to do the hard work for us.

If things are still unclear, that's still okay. Just let it go for now, we'll pick this up again later. And remember, kids -- practice makes perfect!

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