About: Impostor Syndrome

<rant> One thing that always gets to me and hinders my learning process is the feeling of inferiority. Now granted I'm excessively neurotic so this may not apply to you, but I've recently adopted a mindset that helps me cope with this. Whenever I feel inferior to someone else, I try to find refuge in one of two possible reasonings: Either the person I'm intimidated by is inherently smarter than I am which means that relatively I'm stupider than they are, which is by all means okay, but in no way should it be something they are given credit for since they were just born smarter and if anything, they should thank genetics or the invisible man in the sky. Alternatively, I could bitch for getting the (relative) shit-end of the stick and ending up being stupider than they are. But either way, this is by no means more than due to luck; luck, by definition, is not within my control and so this mindset definitely helps me feel better about myself. Not 'ma fault my parents ain't Einsteins.

The alternative (and more likely) excuse is that the other person simply worked harder than I had to reach this position that's seemingly better than mine. Therefore, with enough hard work and perseverance I could reach the same level of expertise if not better. Either way, this reasoning makes the situation a direct responsibility of me and is encouraging rather than diminishing productivity.

Of course, the reason why person X is better than me could just be a combination of those two ideas. But both edges of the spectrum pretty much invalidate my feelings of inferiority. I can only be less than someone else in two ways: either I worked less hard (or for less time) than they have, or they were given a gift which has predeterminedly gotten them further than me. Pick whichever one you want and go from there. This surely makes the icky feeling in my stomach go away when I get schooled about whatever it may be. Then I can actually listen and maybe even learn something. </rant>

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