Special Thanks!

First and foremost, thanks to my husband, Donnie, for being the inspiration for writing this book and for being my editor in chief. I know my gross misuse of semicolons and dashes drove you insane, but at least now you should understand what I do for a living.

Also, thanks to my brother and my parents (biological and not) for being the weird bunch that you are. You've given me so much support throughout all the freaky stuff I've been experimenting with over the years. Even when nothing I'd done bore any fruit, you were rooting for me all along.

And lastly, thanks to Scott Carleton (@ScotterC on Twitter) and Alexis Tryon (@AlexisTryon) who took a chance on me and hired me when I first moved to NY. Without you guys I would still be having issues rebasing in Git.

<3, Peleg

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